08 November 2009

When the Boys died, Men will be born

One guy has told me that phrase, in order for the men in us to be born, the boys spirit we hold dearly for so long must die to achieve it. But that is just a phrase. The real meaning for it lies in the very place that is called The Little Sandhurst of Asia, the very ground that produce leaders in our nation. For the locals, the place is called Royal Military College (RMC), place where leaders are born and boys le
arn to be a man. RMC has given me the opportunity to experience the true meaning of friendship, leadership, independent, self-confident, trust and the importance of gaining knowledge.

I first heard of this place from my dad, whom once been offered a place to study here, but he failed the medical check-up. He waited 20 long years just to send one of his children to RMC. Then, that is where I step in. When I was in Form 3 (2005), I applied for RMC. For two months, I waited patiently for the feedback. Alhamdulillah, I have the chance to prove myself. But, the road to success is never easy as it seems. I missed the interview conducted here in Kuching. The recruitment officer, Mej Amrul Yaacob, told me the onlt chance I have is to attend the interview that will conduct in Tawau, Sabah. Dad asked me for the final time, whether I want to go or not to RMC. I chose to embrace a new life, to experience the military life.

I still recall the first day I arrived at RMC. Me and few of my batch-mates from Sarawak were alone at the Tun Templer Hall. Then, all of us were separated into 8 squads of 8 different companies namely Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf and Hotel. I was placed in the Golf Company leaded by SUO Muhd Syazwan Abu Bak. The OC was Captain Azmi from the RAMD.

For that 2 long years, I befriended with boys all over the country. They were my best friends and my buddies. All the memories we had been through together was unforgettable and I treasure every second of it. We had been 'hell' by the seniors and forced to do things beyond impossibilities. And I'm thankful to the instructors, especially SSJN Meor Shukri Mat Ali of RAMD for guiding us all with patience and commitment.
Now, after the memorable and tearful Passing Out Parade in 2007, I'm proud to held the title as an Old Putera (OP) and I will carry the responsibility as a leader to the country. Time for me to give back to the country. Serve To Lead.

Admirable Leader of Palace Builder

The name 'Mohamad Amirin Arsyan Bin Mohd Zainol', in arabic Mohamad means the most admirable, Amirin is the expansion of Amir which means leader and Arsyan refers to the palace builder. Hence, the name is the express of my parents love for their marriage. I live up to that name until today, hopefully I will be fulfilling the true meaning of my name. It's a big responsibility to be the carrier of such meaning. But I'm confident I can live up to the name given to me by my dad. It's a large world to explore. Many challenges and obstacles will rise upon my road to success. I believe, I can handle them with my self-confident and trust to others.