02 October 2011

Faith & Trust

We are who we are. None can change it. Even if they tried, we are still the same person from before until now. Have faith in self. Have trust in others. Trust their judgement. Although some of the judgement is not relevant, but that is how mutual understanding is achieved. Trust have to be earn. It can't be obtain by demand. We command them.

Let people put their trust on us. The same goes to us. We must sincerely place our faith and trust to other's judgement. If not, what is the point  for appointing them if we can't accept their decision ?

People change but they heart stays the same. As we go on, we remember the times that we had together with others. That is our last change from whatever but we will still be ourselves forever. Don't loose that faith. We learn about ourselves and the our heart. Never think about loosing. It consume our faith and trust that others have placed on us.

Road ahead is tough. With faith and trust it binds who ever we are. It show us the path towards our destination. Somehow, we forgot who we are. We let people shape us and apart us from our self. Be firm. Nonetheless, faith is something that we believe in and we put our trust on our faith.