12 November 2010

Of all the things I have done

If someone ask you about your life, what would you answer them?

Well, I'll answer them, I love my life and I would do anything to protect it. Because everyone is special and important to me. I live to serve, to lead and to guide. I sign up to help people. I will change and I will bring changes. Not for me, but for all. Things need to change.

Of all the things that I have done, I only want two things in return. Trust & Experience. People put their trust on you, not because of who you are, but what you do defines of who you really are. Be honest with self. Do things not because you are told to, but do things because you want to. Put the responsibilities above things else.

Trust is something you can't buy. You have to earn it. Work hard for it, work smart to hold it.

11 November 2010

Living in the past, tell me about it

Hahaha, I was mentioned by someone that I'm still living in the past. Tell me about it. Crap, nonsense !!! If I wanna throw you out from my life, it's simple as that. But, I still have my sense of sympathy. You tried to change others, but yet, you are still trapped in your past. Be honest girl, wake up and smell the fresh morning air.

I appreciate the friendship, that's why I still treat you nicely. Despite that, you listened to others badly talk. The worst part is, you jump to conclusion by not asking me. That's rude you know. Hahaha...

A new guy in your life, so...does it matter to me?! Hell no. I've my own life, you have yours, live it up. :)

10 November 2010

With my own will

Gundam Meisters. They have the will to change the world even it takes contradiction upon themselves. The hold dearly to principles outlined by Aeolia himself. They fight to unify the will of humanity. The same question? What's worth fighting for?

Where do we put our faith? If we have all the power within our grasp, we must uphold the responsibility to atone the past and make up our own future. The very thing that I'll do to protect my ideals and the love that I craved for. The love of the Almighty. Eternal love.

I will change. No matter what, how and when, I will change for the sake of everyone. Let that be legacy not to be proud of, but let it be the symbol of hope to all. I will change with my own will.

Leave everything, Start a new

Start a new. I chose to put the past behind me and leave everything. Let the memories kept safely in my mind, in my heart. Nevertheless, I would miss the time where everything seems perfectly nice. Now, all of it has faded away.

There is a time where we met with someone that we thought, it's the right one. But, instincts are always right. It tells us of what we should do, how we felt, and what's worth fighting for. I chose to put everything behind simply to get over myself from reminiscing the wound inflicted upon the heart and the mind.

However, things changed drastically. How far would u go to make someone happy? Even it takes the contradiction upon self. That's the price for happiness. For the sake of friendship and relationship, I would go further to make them happy. Even the contradictions are upon me. I've done it.

Now is the time to leave everything behind and start a new. Time to move on. Even so, that decision left me scarred. I would not mind as with great power, comes great responsibility. I have a responsibility. Every one has it. But fate and destiny is the Almighty's right. We would never know it until the time is right. There is no fate than what we make.

I will change, for the sake to protect the ideals and the love that I craved for.

25 August 2010

The Dark Side Within

Fear, Anger and Hate... Such feeling we often felt in ourselves. But is it that powerful? Some say we fill our desire with rage and anger for motivation. That is undeniable, but, we must be caution when dealing with our anger.

Fear is something that we afraid of. Fear of loosing, fear of lose, fear of unknown and fear of the living. Why do we need to fear? Fear of lose are attachment. The dark within will consume our heart and corrupting the mind.

Anger is not our right. Anger leads to never ending vengeance. We anger for not accepting our ourselves.

Hate is the path of carnage. But that makes us human. Hate with limitations.

03 August 2010

What's worth fighting for ???

Did you know what's worth fighting for? Sometimes we are confused for the choices that we made. Is it worth it? Or is it just to make us feel better? Dilemma will befall upon us and forcing us to choose what is the best for us. Maybe if we thought we had chose the best decision, there are reasons for it. No one knows it better than Allah The Almighty.

I used to have my reason. The very reason for me to keep on living. But now, it all seems to fade away. Then again, that same reason reappear itself again. It gave me hope, it me gave motivation, but in the end, it disappoint me again. Was is it worth fighting for? Now I don't know who I can believe in love... Maybe and just maybe none for now. But deep down, there is someone that I care enough. If anything happen to her, I could not bare to lose her. If she could just know how I feel for her, if we love someone, we would do anything to protect them.

If we had all the power in the world, where do we put our faith? Was is worth fighting for?

"Cinta haqiqi adalah cinta kepada Ilahi"