25 August 2010

The Dark Side Within

Fear, Anger and Hate... Such feeling we often felt in ourselves. But is it that powerful? Some say we fill our desire with rage and anger for motivation. That is undeniable, but, we must be caution when dealing with our anger.

Fear is something that we afraid of. Fear of loosing, fear of lose, fear of unknown and fear of the living. Why do we need to fear? Fear of lose are attachment. The dark within will consume our heart and corrupting the mind.

Anger is not our right. Anger leads to never ending vengeance. We anger for not accepting our ourselves.

Hate is the path of carnage. But that makes us human. Hate with limitations.

03 August 2010

What's worth fighting for ???

Did you know what's worth fighting for? Sometimes we are confused for the choices that we made. Is it worth it? Or is it just to make us feel better? Dilemma will befall upon us and forcing us to choose what is the best for us. Maybe if we thought we had chose the best decision, there are reasons for it. No one knows it better than Allah The Almighty.

I used to have my reason. The very reason for me to keep on living. But now, it all seems to fade away. Then again, that same reason reappear itself again. It gave me hope, it me gave motivation, but in the end, it disappoint me again. Was is it worth fighting for? Now I don't know who I can believe in love... Maybe and just maybe none for now. But deep down, there is someone that I care enough. If anything happen to her, I could not bare to lose her. If she could just know how I feel for her, if we love someone, we would do anything to protect them.

If we had all the power in the world, where do we put our faith? Was is worth fighting for?

"Cinta haqiqi adalah cinta kepada Ilahi"