29 August 2011

RIP Anthony Dunggat Lagan

A tribute to my dear friend, squad-mate and a good man to all.
Rest in Peace dear friend, Anthony Dunggat Lagan.

I have known him since July 2008 till the day he passed away leaving us all on 27th August 2011. He's my squad, a good friend and never leave us all when in need. He smiles a lot. A good supporter to all. One thing for sure, a friend to everyone ...

You left us to early my friend, too young to die ... but that was His Almighty will. He loves you more than us. I'll never forget your advice and our friendship. Friends come and go, but our friendship stays forever.

The Anthony or better known as Antuu to us all, is a happy-go-lucky guy. You cheered us up bro !
We'll cherish you in our memories forever. Thanks for the memory Antuu ...

Your squad,
ROTU Intake 5/2008 (Barc 5)

21 August 2011

Either Yes or No

Last Tuesday, I found out the Yayasan Sarawak has started conducting interviews for the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarships. I'm shocked to hear about it. So, I took my chance and went to the YS office itself. I asked them regarding my application and guess what, they said that they have immediately put aside my forms, just because my program is not in the list.

Heck, WTF !!! I've went through all the trouble to see the UiTM Sarawak Rector and he himself told me to make an appeal for the scholarship. And he willingly to help to get my forms checked for the eligibility and filtered equally as the rest of the applicants. It turned out the other way around. The mindset of higher level officers and way much different than those below him. Experienced person tend to help, but the younger ones willing to make things ease for their works.

Then, on Thursday. I went to see the Rector again. He's shocked to find out I'm not there for the interview. He told me he has sent his copy of my application the YS Director. Am I being sabotaged ? Positively, perhaps they misplaced my forms. Duh..!!!! Like that is gonna happen.

Now, I wonder... What happened to the system? All I want is a chance for the interview. Not a direct offer for the scholarship. Everyone deserves a chance. The system that we were using nowadays seem to be less transparency and more on provocation. The system clearly needs to be reorganize.

Chance, that is all that I want. How can you judge people if you don't even give them chance ?

Alhamdulillah, the Rector has willingly to help to set things right. Guess, people upbringing really did reflects their action. I was to standby for the next interview.

Insyaallah, I'll do my best !!!

Budak Boys quote, " tidak ada yang tidak dapat, tidak ada yang tidak boleh, tidak ada yang tiada"

Lesson learned, when we want something, we have to work smart for it. Not work hard. When asked to the higher ups, the only answers are either Yes or No. If Yes, then it's your lucky day. If No, try again next time. Don't forget to smile :)

Kungfu Panda

Kungfu Panda. I've seen both of the movies The best animation on kungfu ever !!! Now this is the real hero of ancient China.

Loves all the butt kicking and punching action by the adorable panda. I rated it as a 5-star movie.

Go big fat panda ! You rock dude !!!

Malaysian politics

Come to think of it, our country politics are very dangerous indeed. Generally, the federal politics. But, our very own state politics are much more dangerous than the federal. Changes are needed nowadays.

Nevertheless, we can't simply change drastically.

09 August 2011

Paint job

2nd week of Ramadhan, I started my paint job at dad's new office. Fuhhhh........ what a tiring job !!!
Perhaps being a contractor is not easy as it seems. Learn from experiences and I do start from zero to hero. Hahaha ...

Soon, I'll be flying to Shah Alam to pursue my bachelor in interior architecture. I'm going to be an architect. 4 years more to go. But, I think I'm gonna like it better being a consultant than a contractor. Well, I do have both backgrounds. An architect with both design & build experiences.

Paint, colors, mood, behavior ... It all related to one another. It creates environment. It develops personality. Try purple & black. It sure scares and cheer you up !!!

But for right now, I'm gonna rest and continue my paint job tomorrow ! Rest in Peace ...

05 August 2011

Boys will always be Boys

Boys will always be Boys. The same and repeated quote heard from the officers and staffs. Guess I can't really let go of the past. But deep down I'm proud of it. Proud that there are still people have faith in the Boys. Budak Boys ... the rascals that can change the perspective of all walks of life. Perhaps I shall live up to it.

Boys are groom to be gentleman. Am I ??? Hurm, maybe few more years to come ... still learning to become one. Hard to throw away the very thing that made differences in our life. For me, the moments that I had in RMC. It taught me the meaning of comradeship, friendship and leadership.

That doesn't mean I'm still living in the past. It's just how I use the past to overcome the future challenges. It reminds me of survival-ability. Boys can survive anyway. Believe it !