19 August 2015

From Borneo to Kampuchea

Yeah, after a year, here I am. Blogging again for everyone. Not all going to read my blog here. Because I prefer to keep it low. Just my way of expressing myself. I signed up for the ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme (AYVP) in February, and now here I am in Cambodia for the volunteer works with the ASEAN. For a whole month of August.

I've heard about ASEAN before, but never get the chance to participate in their programme due to my tight schedule. Heading to Cambodia is my first time experience touring outside my home country, Malaysia. Here we are exposed the importance of ASEAN Community. What is ASEAN Community?

ASEAN Community is made up from 10 member countries, namely, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. So, basically, those who are citizens who the respective countries are the ASEAN Community. Take note, the faces and expressions of these people are almost the same and hard to differentiate. That's what we went through with the ASEAN identity game.

During the first week, we underwent orientation on ASEAN introductory, team-building, theory training and other stuffs on the needs for Krakor Floating Village deployment.

What we learned here is the importance of having access to clean water, and how we uplift the awareness to the locals here. We had Prof. Fauzi from UKM to mentor us on the ceramic water filter usage. According to him, it may not 100% clean water, but it is far better than what the villagers had access now. He also taught us to test the water level condition using a specialized equipment.

You see, these villagers have settled down here since the Khmer Rouge incident. Such tragedy left the villagers scarred and they came back upon the incident ended as this is their home. To them, the lake water is everything in their life. They built their life here, trade and had education here too. It meant so much to them, that's why they are thinking too much on leaving their home.

What I learned from this community, appreciate what we had, as they are more people in need than us. Be grateful on our life as it ends, let it end with smile. The community taught us the importance of having family around. Family that stood by on our side whenever we need them. I was hoping of touching their heart, instead they touched mine.

As an ordinary boy from Borneo, this is my first entry for travelogue. Will be writing more, soon !