01 December 2011

Destiny are written by ourselves

I was not born as a soldier. I grew up listen to others stories of their experiences. Their hardships. Even my grandpa is a service man. He was in the police force and well-known as Sjn. Misai by his comrades. Due to having a long sharp mustache. My dad also loves the military although he never got the chance to be in the service. He once selected to go to the RMC, but turned down due to medical check-up failure. Instead, he told me the time he was selected and that inspired me to continue his dream. He waited almost 20 years to send one of his sons to the college and I guess it's my luck. Perhaps my rezeki. Alhamdulillah.

There I was exposed to the hard life as a soldier. Our rank is lower that a private. More or less a boy recruit. Damn, that's really hard life. I can't imagine the first moment I stepped into the college, I knew my life is changing. Changing to a greater life. Being a partial soldier status but live in 24/7 camp environment. A real soldier life and trained to be gentlemen. A leader to all. An officer in the armed forces. A leader in corporate sector and even sports. In the year 2007, I graduated from the college as an Old Putera (OP).

Then, I pursued my study at UiTM Sarawak. At first I would like to avoid to join any uniform bodies organization. But, fate has its own way to tell us. I saw the Air Force ROTU booth. They told us that we are given free college during our study at the campus (LIES...). I got interested to the offer and sweet talk. Next thing I know, I signed up for the service. For 3 years, I realized I can't run from my military heritage that has matured inside me. Finally, I was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the RMAF Voluteer Reserve. Wow, an Air Force officer. Now I have fulfilled one of the college aims. Be an officer in the armed forces. And, what is the use of being an Air Force officer if you can't even fly a plane. Perhaps for the reserve force there are limited exposure and chances. Perhaps a private pilot license. Be like John Travolta, whom fly to work and park the jet in his plane porch. Insyaallah, I'll get my license. If it is not for my spectacles, I would have sign up for the Air Force College and be a fighter pilot. But, destiny has not been written. I still can have my chance and be a pilot, in my own way.

Destiny has its own plan for me. Since young I'm interested in the arts and architecture. Just I don't know where to start and how to learn it. Now, the chances are opened wide to me. Dad told me to go for Interior Design. Well, that's a good start although my heart longs to study in the architecture field. Maybe after I completed my degree. Deep in my heart, I knew the moment I was born into this world, Dad has planned everything for us,  including our names as the pray from both of my parents. A master builder. A palace builder.

From that moment, I knew I have a long road ahead of me. I need to make my parents proud of my achievement. My life is their investment and I want to be a good asset to them. A good son. A good leader of my generations. A terrific pilot. A well-known designer. Last but not least, a great builder. I want to serve both the civilian and armed forces. I know when the country is need of my service, I won't hesitate to go for it. Reasons for all of it, it's easy, I want to Serve to Lead and lead by giving inspiration to others. It symbolized hope. Hope for others to follow my footsteps as I has followed the previous leaders before me. That is how I define lead by examples.

It's in my blood and my name. Mohamad Amirin Arsyan Bin Mohamad Zainol. An admirable leader of the palace builder.

Leader, Designer, Builder & Soldier