29 September 2011

Apologizing & Listen

Apologizing. A simple act of honesty. It doesn't always mean you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means you value your friendship than your ego. Friendship is bond of mutual understanding.

A : I'm sorry.
B : Go away ... You sucks !
A : I truly am. My bad, my mistake. Sorry again.
B : Liar ...
A : Ok then.
B : I have a problem.
A : What is it?
B : I can't go to the prom night.
A : Oh, tell me about it.
B : If u insist.... Bla3...
A : You should be fine. Have no worries .. Be happy

We have to be a good listener. Man from Mars. A friend shared us his / her problems. Actually they have the solution. We often misinterpret their feelings. They just want us to hear it out. Not to solve it as they already have the solutions. Men often did it. As a man, we have to be gentleman. We must insist on hearing a woman's expression. We should understand them. Be a good listener to be a good man.

17 September 2011

Miss the moments

The only MDS that I joined as a student representative council members. Had lots of fun and unforgettable moments with these peoples.

Credits to the Technical Crew ... Azureen, Jan, Eeya, Effa, Sir Awang, Bel, Kevin, Hafiz, Wani & Jaja ...

07 September 2011

'Let him inspire us'

The title Wira Negara seems easy to obtained nowadays. Be a civilian press in a war zone and then get killed. Thus, the government deemed you as a national hero. What if, the soldier died instead of the cameraman? Would he get the media coverage such as the cameraman? Come to think of it, perhaps one in a thousand chance.

Like recently, the issue with the civilian cameraman. Why is he in that war zone? Does he have any basic warfare survival training? The highlights on his death seems overwhelming from all the mass media. He has been deemed as a national hero for joining the humanitarian aid at Somalia. I agreed for his good intention, but he is not to be blame for his death. Yes, the media deemed him to be national hero, but to think of it, there many good soldiers died countless at the Somalia war zone. Our soldiers. Do they receive the same salutation?

They are many officers, but few good officers.

In positive feedback, we should see the political aspect of the cameraman's death. Our political parties should be minimal in their campaigns. We can't afford to have another Somalia war zone in our own country due to political instability. The peace we obtained cannot be kept by force, it must be kept through understanding one another. The pacifism is the key for peace and stability.

Mutual understanding. Yes, in a good way, his death open our eyes to the war-thorn country such as Somalia. The fight for power really affect our peace and harmony. He did inspire us spiritually.

P/S: Basic warfare survival is a must to cover for war zone updates to avoid unnecessary casualties.

02 September 2011

Tell your heart what you really want

Be honest & true to self. That's the main thing for us to remember. You can't force yourself to accept things beyond your control. Otherwise, it would be out of control.

Heart, a part of the body. The emotions expressed by the heart reflect our desires. Desires to have things that we don't want. Consumed by fear, hatred, anger and lust lead us to darken our pure heart.

Heart, express feelings. Feelings of love, happy, respect and humble to self and others. How can we be sure of these feelings? Ask yourself, you will find the answer. The answers may not be spontaneous, it takes time for us to find it. A life changing experience differs from each person to another.

We want something that we can't have. Something that desire so much, but if we get over the limits, the consequences are not worth it. Many great man falls due to lust and desires beyond limitation. This happened to the military and politics. That's why there are many men, but few good man.